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Thinking in Code:
Bruce Eckel Interviews Software Luminaries
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This is a series of interviews that I did, many a few years back, before podcasting became commonplace. My original intent was to turn them into a CD, but I had a few release issues and it got put on the back burner and forgotten for awhile.

In the meantime, podcasting got big and more people got fast bandwidth, so I finally just decided to release them for download. Although they are a few years old, the material is fairly timeless.


Bruce Eckel

Web Frameworks Jam

July 2006
50 minutes

A discussion with the participants of the Web Frameworks Jam, at the end of the workshop. Participants include: Mike Shea, Angela Chen, Barry Hawkins, Bill Hannahs, Dianne Marsh, Jim White, Mike Levin, Ron Paro, and Bruce Eckel.

Anders Hejlsberg

July 2003
105 minutes

Anders is not only the leader of the C# development project at Microsoft, he spent many years at Borland, where he was best known for his work creating the Delphi programming language and environment.

Guido Van Rossum

February 2003
71 minutes

The inventor of the Python language. Now works at Google.

Joshua Bloch

January 2003
75 minutes

Author of Effective Java and one of the main Java team members at Sun. He created the new collections library and is primarily responsible for the design of enum in Java SE5. He now works at Google.

Martin Fowler

August 2003
56 minutes

His numerous books push forward the boundaries of thinking about software design. Works at ThoughtWorks.

Tim Lister

October 2003
77 minutes

Coauthor of Peopleware, a must-read for everyone in the programming profession.

Ron Jeffries

September 2002
78 minutes

One of the pioneers of the XP movement. Lead author of Extreme Programming Installed, and author of Extreme Programming Adventures in C#.

Jim Highsmith

October 2003
58 minutes

A leader in the Agile community, and author of Agile Project Management, Agile Software Development Ecosystems, and Adaptive Software Development.

Jim Fulton

February 2003
64 minutes

The driving force behind the Zope web development framework, arguably the largest and most complex Python codebase.

Chuck Allison

March 2003
113 minutes
Download Presentation Slides

Coauthor of Thinking in C++, Volume 2 and a professor at Utah Valley State College. This is an interview and recording (with slides) of his keynote address to the 2004 ACCU Spring conference in Oxford, England, on code quality.

Bill Venners

August 2003
70 minutes

The creator of the Artima web site for developers, Bill talks about his software development experiences, including the building of Artima.

Daniel Will-Harris

April 2003
59 minutes

A lively and entertaining interview with a graphic designer (among other things). Daniel designs my book covers and other artwork, and has written books on desktop publishing. He's also published a book of essays using print-on demmand.

C# Lunch Meeting

July 2003
86 minutes

This is a continuation of the visit to Microsoft that began with the discussion with Anders.

Thanks to Evan Cofsky at for providing the download bandwidth for this project.

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