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Thinking in Java 4th Edition Annotated Solutions Guide

by Bruce Eckel & Ervin Varga

This is the annotated solution guide for Thinking in Java, 4th edition by Bruce Eckel. Thinking in Java, 4th edition is available in print form from Prentice Hall, or you can purchase the electronic version. Earlier editions of the book are available for free download here. This solution guide is only available electronically, as a PDF document together with a compileable code package, from

The solution guide is suitable for all operating systems that support the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

In the zip file that you receive upon purchasing this package, you will find a source-code directory tree that includes all the code listings shown in this guide, along with Ant build.xml files to build all the listings using the javac compiler from the Sun JDK. The code is also ready to use with Eclipse, and includes instructions for doing so.

If you are looking for the solution guides for the 2nd and 3rd editions of Thinking in Java, you can find them here.

Demo Sample
(Before Buying the Book)

  1. View the sample PDF containing the introductory material and the Everything is an Object and Operators chapters to make sure it's what you're expecting.
    (you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent to view it)
    Introduction and first two chapters
    (For a better experience, right-click and choose "save as" to store it on your computer, then open the document in the Acrobat reader, outside of your browser.)

  2. The introductory material in the book explains how to install, compile and test the code. Download the code solutions demonstration package, containing the Everything is an Object and Operators chapters, and follow the instructions in the PDF to install and test the code.
    Code Solutions Demonstration Package

  3. Instructions for OSX Installation (by Peter Van Ness)


Please note that the entire Thinking in Java Annotated Solution Guide document is not freeware and so cannot be posted, resold or given away. It is copyrighted and sold only from the site


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