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Thinking in Java 4th Edition
Electronic Book

This is the electronic version of Thinking in Java, 4th Edition by Bruce Eckel. You can learn more about the contents of the book from its main page.

Thinking in Java, 4th Edition is also available in print form from Prentice Hall. Earlier editions are available for free download here. Source code for the entire book, along with installation instructions, is available here. You can also purchase the solution guide for the book.

The electronic version of the book is a single HTML page, which allows you to quickly search through it using your browser's "find" capability. Chapter and subheading hot links are provided at the beginning of the book. The book should work with all browsers, but you'll probably have the best experience with Chrome or FireFox (both are available for all platforms).

Demo Sample
(Before Buying the Book)

Download the demo version (containing the first seven chapters) to ensure it works on your machine and it's what you expect. (Unzip and extract all files before opening the html file).


Please note that the entire Thinking in Java 4th Edition Electronic Book document is not freeware and so cannot be posted, resold or given away. It is copyrighted and sold only from the site

If you are looking for the free 2nd and 3rd editions, you can find them here.


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