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This page describes the Annotated Solution Guide for the book Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition, Volume 1 by Bruce Eckel. The solution guide was written by Chuck Allison.

The solution guide may be purchased for 12$ USD, and is available as an electronic book only.

The guide consists of a set of HTML pages, one for each chapter, and a source-code 'tree' containing all the code from the guide in a compilable form, along with makefiles. See the Introduction for details.

Only a selection of the problems have been solved, which you can see in the List of Solved Problems.

Please view the 'Introduction' and 'Sample Solutions Chapter' (which covers Chapter 2 from the book) before purchasing, so you can be sure this is what you want. You may also want to download the sample code and make sure that you can compile it on your system.


List of Solved Problems

Sample Solutions Chapter (Chapter 2)

Sample Source Code for Chapter 2

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