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Contacting Bruce Eckel

Before contacting me via email, there are some things you should know.

  1. If you have newsletter administrative questions, see the Newsletter Administration Page.

  2. If you have seminar registration or administrative questions, contact .

  3. I tend to get swamped with email, and generally with projects large and small. Any message that requires anything other than a simple reply (that is, if I don't know the answer already) will probably take a lot longer to reply to. If you have technical questions about the Java language, please see the Java question-answers area.

  4. If you send a message and don't get a reply for awhile, it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you. Most likely you've asked some seemingly-innocuous question that has thrown me for a loop. Since I can't answer it right away, it keeps sinking into the pile while my subconscious tries to resolve it. Sometimes it's only through persistent mining that I rediscover these lost emails; some people have gotten replies months after they've sent their emails. I can only apologize for this and try to explain the situation.

  5. If after all those warnings you're still game for an email, you can

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